Schedule for Øredev 2010

The yearly Øredev Developer Conference is now closing in, and I’m really excited to be able to participated this year. I’m leaving Wednesday and getting there around 10-11 AM which means I will unfortunately miss a few sessions in the morning but I’m sure the other sessions will weight up.

I look forward to learning a lot of new interesting techniques and patterns, especially in sessions covering .NET, web app development, HTML5/CSS3 and nosql. It will also be great to see people like Jon Skeet, Brad Wilson, Jeremy D. Miller and Jonathan Snook “in real life”. Makes me wonder if Jon Skeet will even answer questions now when he can’t get any up-votes for it?

The sessions I will attend to are:


  • 11:20: ASP.NET Web Matrix and Web Pages, Brad Wilson
  • 13:10: ? Patterns for Building Internal DSL's in C# 3.0, Jeremy D. Miller
  • 14:15: Better Practices for Building Fast Web Apps, Giorgio Sardo
  • 15:35: Automated Testing of Web Applications, Jeremy D. Miller
  • 16:40: ? CSS3, Jonathan Snook


  • 10:15: ? Higher-Order JavaScript, Giles Bowkett
  • 11:20: Exploring Windows Phone Dev, Jeff Wilcox
  • 13:10: ? CouchDB for .NET Developers, Hadi Hariri
  • 14:15: ? ASP.NET MVC 3, Brad Wilson
  • 15:35: ? Abusing C#, Jon Skeet
  • 16:40: Compositional Design with Responsibility Driven Design, Jeremy D. Miller


  • 10:15: My last 30 failures, Ted Valentin
  • 11:20: ? C#'s Greatest Mistakes, Jon Skeet
  • 13:10: ? 19 1/2 Things to Make You a Better Object Oriented Programmer, Greg Young
  • 14:15: ? Top 20 tools and tips that make me a better developer, Roy Osherove
  • 15:35: ? Pluggable web applications, Rob Ashton

? = me like.

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