Getting HTML Colorization with Razor View Engine

imageToday the Gu announced the first preview of ASP.NET MVC 3, which included the new Razor view engine. I’ve been really excited about it as I feel it makes our views a lot prettier than before with Web Forms view engine. It will also be a lot quicker and smoother to type without all those messy <%-characters.

To the point! I am currently upgrading an existing site to use MVC 3 and Razor. However in this first preview of MVC 3 we won’t have any File Colorization or IntelliSense in .cshtml files. This means it will look like we’re editing in Notepad. It got me wondering if there was a way to at least get some colorization, more specifically HTML colorization. I wandered around in the options of VS2010, and eventually found the place where I could map an extension to a different colorization.

This is how you get HTML colorization in .cshtml files:

  1. Open Tools menu.
  2. Choose Options…
  3. Go to Text Editor, and third choice; File Extension.
  4. Enter cshtml as Extension and choose HTML Editor in the dropdown.
  5. Click Add and OK. Now try to open a .cshtml file – you should get HTML colorization.

Remember to remove this setting when VS2010 officially gets Razor colorization and IntelliSense.

That’s it. Hopefully it will be a little bit easier on your eyes.

published in Visual Studio, ASP.NET MVC