Chrome Radio Player

Minimalistic app that helps you listen to radio channels through Google Chrome™

This is a streamlined radio player for Google Chrome. It doesn't get in the way of your music experience.

Chrome Radio Player allows you to add as many radio channels as you please. They are easily managed through the intuitive interface.


Requires either of these two supported browser media plugin:

Windows Media Player plugin

Windows users needs to install the Windows Media Player plugin for Firefox, which also works for Google Chrome. Remember to restart Google Chrome after installation.

Download Windows Media Player plugin

VLC media player – Mozilla browser plugin

This option is theoretically platform independent, which means it should work with both Linux, Mac and Windows. The plugin can only be installed through VLC Player, so you need to reinstall it if you didn't put a mark next to "Mozilla browser plugin" during installation. Remember to restart Google Chrome after installation.

Download VLC media player

The extension has been taken down from the Web Store as it's not allowed to have an extension named "Chrome". A new renamed version will be uploaded. Sorry for the inconvinence.