WIA - Web Install Assistant

Command line tool that helps you configure projects created with ASP.NET and EPiServer.

So your project manager just told you to pull down another EPiServer project from the source control? You know from experience that it's quite a few steps to configure a project to run on your computer. They might not take that long to do, but they are very repetitive and you usually miss a step or two. What if you could run a command that would configure the site for you?

WIA is just that. A quick command and your site is configured on your computer.

What exactly does it do?

Currently WIA helps you do all the following tasks in a matter of seconds:

  • Figure out what kind of project you have (EPiServer and .NET versions etc).
  • Create a new Site in IIS with appropriate configuration.
  • Add a site mapping in EPiServerFramework.config matching your new IIS Site.
  • Update the HOSTS file with an entry for the web project's URL.
  • Copy a license file for EPiServer CMS to the web directory.
  • Build the solution and displays any errors that occurred.
  • Ping the site so that it starts up.

WIA will always check first if it needs to run the task. This means you can run the install command multiple times without worrying that something gets messed up.

Head over to Github for instructions on how to download and install.